Fab Hiking in Mexico — Who would have thought?

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When my internet search uncovered a 7-day hiking trip that involved walking from Zapateco village to Zapateco vilage in the Sierra Norte in central Oaxaca, I thought: This I have to try.

Signing up seemed way too easy. Within minutes of entering the offices of Expediciones Sierra Norte, the tourism arm of a community organization called Pueblos Mancomunados, we had a completed itinerary in our hands. It told us everything we needed to know and was stamped and signed. It would be our passport along the route.


Over the next few blogs, I will describe the most brilliant community eco-tourism project I’ve ever witnessed. Pueblos Mancomunados has its act together. Oh that we could do something even remotely like this in Caledon, where I live. It is the initiative’s fantastic outdoor and cultural activities, wonder and respect for the landscape, impeccable accommodations and fabulous food combined with the height of good organization.

This first post is about the hiking. Following posts will be about the Communities, the People, Medicinal Plants & Trees, Other Activities; and the Ecotourism Project. Hang on to your hiking boots because this initiative is brilliant. Hope you enjoy it and the photos.



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  1. Dwight

    Sounds intriguing & wonderful! Fulfilling & hopeful!

  2. Chiqui Pineda-Azimi

    Inspiring and one for my bucket list, for sure! Currently enjoying the sun on my back, too. Thank you! xox, Chiqui, Montego Bay

  3. Audrey

    Can’t wait to read about your experiences!

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