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Bill McKibben Wanders Home
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Wandering Home: A Long Walk Across America’s Hopeful Landscape Bill McKibben 2005 Crown Journeys, a division of Random House, Inc. 160 pages       Long an environmental hero of mine, Bill McKibben didn’t let me down with Wandering Home, … Read More

Hiking in Mexico: Inside and Outside Patzcuaro on Foot
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It was Saturday. The sky was clear and blue. The air cool. The sun warm and getting warmer. It was time to go hiking in Mexico. Setting out from our house in the central part of a gorgeous Mexican town … Read More

Mark Moxon’s Account of Walking Britain End to End
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Walking Britain End to End When I Walk, I Bounce: Walking from Land’s End to John o’Groats Mark Moxon, self published, 2014 Softcover, 236 pages For me, the best way to ruin a great hike is to put a heavy pack … Read More

What happens on the Camino de Santiago failed to stay on the Camino
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What the Psychic Told the Pilgrim: A Midlife Misadventure on Spain’s Camino de Santiago de Compostela Jane Christmas Greystone Books, Vancouver, 2007, 295 pages   What the Psychic Told the Pilgrim, Jane Christmas’s entertaining and oftentimes humorous tale of her … Read More

Hiking in Central America: Guatemalan Style
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Overview When asked to name my favourite hike, my standard response is: “The one I’m currently hiking.” Hardly original, but safe—and usually true. That being said, the hikes I find most memorable are those that test me to the point … Read More

An Explorer is Born: Canoeing Canada’s North
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Alone Against the North Adam Shoalts Penguin Random House Canada, 2015, 296 pages   My first impression of Adam Shoalts, author of Alone Against the North, was that he was a wacko—crazier than the Crazy Canucks. Who else would seek … Read More